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    • Executive Summary/Synopsis: Provide one or two introductory paragraphs to grab the reader’s attention. Share what is unique, what you sell, your mission or who you work with, if that is significant. The first two sentences will be in larger print so try to really make those count.
    • Community Background: Set a community context for your social enterprise. Describe the community you work in.
    • Development History: How was your business developed and who was involved (individuals or organizations)? Do you have a parent organization? What decisions were made and how? What outcomes are you working to achieve?
    • Organization Structure: How is your social enterprise structured? How are you incorporated (if you are)? You could also share information about some of your key resources (e.g. human resources, financial resources, physical infrastructure)
    • Partnerships: (if applicable) What are some partnerships that are important to your development or ongoing business?
    • Finances: What funding do you receive? What is your annual Income from sales?
    • Impacts & Outcomes Objectives: What are the community &/or employee social and economic benefits through your social enterprise?
    • Challenges: What challenges have you overcome in launching, operating or growing your business and how did you overcome it. What challenges remain?
    • Lessons Learned: What factors were critical to success? What wisdom and experiences can you share? What are some ‘top tips’/lessons/advice you could share with other people thinking of starting a social enterprise?
    • Vision for the Future: Where do you see your social enterprise in the future; what plans do you have?
    • Conclusions: Include a summary here if you wish.

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