Social Enterprise Gift Guide 2017-2018

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Gifts so Nice they Give Twice

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Check out the Social Enterprise Holiday Gift Guide, featuring gifts that will make your loved one smile and the world a better place. The Social Enterprise Gift Guide presents local social enterprises from throughout Ontario selling products and services that support social impact in local communities. So, avoid the mall crowds and enjoy the warmth of gifts that put people and planet first.

The guide offers items that are eco-friendly, support vulnerable people, uplift neighbourhoods, have global impact, treat workers fairly, promote arts and culture, and are made locally.

Each item tells a story. This year, shop our selection of caring gifts, and give knowing they give back.

Ontario’s Social Enterprise Holiday Gift Guide features:

  • A wide selection of gift ideas that are so nice they give twice
  • The only one-stop shop for social and environmentally friendly products
  • An easy-to-navigate guide to find gifts for loved ones

If you find this guide useful, please let the social enterprise know when you purchase a gift from them. (Download PDF here)

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Browse through these 40 featured goods and services that Ontario Social Enterprises have to offer you.


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History Behind the Social Enterprise Gift Guide

The 2017 Social Enterprise Gift Guide is a prime opportunity to build awareness of social enterprises in Ontario, and increase the sales of your social enterprise. The 2017 Social Enterprise Gift Guide is a collaborative effort by the Canadian CED Network, Pillar Nonprofit Network and the Conseil de la Coopération de l'Ontario, with the support of the Ontario Social Economy Roundtable and funding from the Government of Ontario.

The Social Enterprise Gift Guide includes a broad range of products and is fully searchable by product type, price range, region and other categories. The Gift Guide is product focused, however service based enterprises are encouraged to feature available gift cards.


Social Enterprise: Business for Good

Social enterprises are nonprofit organizations, community groups, for-profit businesses and co-operatives that pursue social, cultural or environmental goals through the sale of goods and services.
Ontario has approximately 10,000 social enterprises that each employ, on average, 38 people and generate $1.2 million in revenue. Of the nonprofit social enterprises, 45% are focused on poverty reduction and many train and hire people with employment barriers.

Download the Enterprising Change: Report of the 2015 Social Enterprise Survey for Ontario


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Don’t miss out! Get your products in the 2017 Social Enterprise Gift Guide. The December 21st deadline is coming up. Be part of the #BuySocial movement this holiday season #socentgifts2017 #giveback #2gifts1luv