The Raw Carrot Soup Enterprise

The Raw Carrot is a not-for-profit social enterprise that provides meaningful employment for people on social assistance, or with barriers to traditional employment in Ontario. The vehicle through which this happens is the cooking of healthy, handcrafted gourmet soup. Community … Continued

Willow Springs Creative Centre

Willow Springs Creative Centre is a social enterprise that promotes individual and community development through opportunities for creative expression. The organization offers inclusive, accessible, and custom-designed art, therapeutic gardening and food programming delivered by professional artists, gardeners and facilitators. Programs range … Continued

Fusion Youth Activity and Technology Centre

Fusion Youth Activity and Technology Centre is an organization that provides youth with opportunities to explore their interests, enhance their employment skills and experiences, and develop livelihoods. Fusion’s approach is based on the understanding that deep-rooted personal interests underlie the … Continued

Hatch Ptbo

Hatch Ptbo is a COIN social enterprise that builds a more vibrant and inclusive local economy by providing workspace, community, and resources to social purpose business and enterprising non-profits. Community Background Hatch Ptbo was built by and with the community! A … Continued