Let Ontario know about the products and services you provide and how you’re having a social impact!

Please complete the form below if you would like to have your social enterprise (SE) products or services featured in our online Social Enterprise Gift Guide2016. The Gift Guide is product focused and will be organized by product types rather than by the SE. For services you can feature gift cards that you provide. If you have products that cannot easily be grouped as one product name, please complete a separate form for each product or product group you would like to be included in this guide.

The Guide will be available in English and French. Organizations with bilingual capacity should complete the forms on SEontario.org (English) and ESontario.org (French).

We will also be producing a printable Feature Products Gift Guide that will showcase 30-40 products. Information on how to be considered for inclusion in this feature guide can be found below.

Deadline for Feature Product Submissions

To have your product considered for the Feature Products Gift Guide (pdf) please submit this form by the end of the day November 7, 2016. Product selection will be made to ensure that this briefer Featured Products Gift Guide highlights a good range of product types, social enterprise types and locations in Ontario. We will contact you to let you know whether your product will be included.

Deadline for Social Enterprise Gift Guide Submissions

To have your product(s) included in the online Social Enterprise Gift Guide in time for the guide launch, please submit this form before November 14. Submissions will continue be accepted until December 9.

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