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July’s Question

 August 2014 Question of the Month:

How can a Social Enterprise’s operations be best separated from the parent agency’s day to day operations?  — @PractikaLearn


Ronita Ghosh (@rons1212):


I feel companies who are serious and commited in giving back to the society they exist in and doing some service for the people who make them successful, it is pertinent that they have a dedictaed team which would focus their energies in the mission and vision the Social Enterprise aims at delivering. To curtail the burden on cost, the people working in the parent agency and having a flair in Social Enterprise should volunteer because willing people deliver the best results. This like minded and passionate people can dedicate few hours in a week planning, executing and measuring the activities the Social Enterprise does in order to bring positive changes in the society around them.

All people working in the parent agency must appreciate and understand how the Social Enterprise operations makes the parent company a “socially responsible business”. Motivated and informed work force can be beneficial since the team working for th eSocal Enterprise operations can suffle people, each month or after few months set of new people come and work in the team, so to have fresh ideas to make the Social Enterprise more accessible to the people.

Though, the operations are separate of that of the Social Enterprise and the parent agency, but people working under the parent agency must be enlightened about Social Enterprise as a force which can change lives of people in huge numbers.


Seperate entities working 2gether + common goal w/o micro managing that’s how. Check our website 4 more info@CGCCoop

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