Social Entrepreneurship Evolution (SEE)

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Who Are We

Social Entrepreneurship Evolution (SEE) is an emergent pan-northern collaborative whose focus is to support the infrastructure for Youth Social Entrepreneurship (YSE) with an emphasis on collaboration, shared measurement and collective impact.

SEE is a three year project, lead by NORDIK Institute and its various regional partners that focuses on building a sustainable network by providing supports, setting up connections, sharing resources, building capacities, engaging youth, using community-based research methods, and promoting social entrepreneurship and the benefits it can bring to Northern Ontario.

Funding for the program is being delivered through the Ontario Trillium Foundation’s Future Fund 2012-2013 Program and will be used over three years to create spaces for YSE and practitioners to communicate, network, and learn from one another as well as to establish a sustainable organization. SEE is one of seven organizations/initiatives across Ontario to receive this funding.

How We Work

SEE is a collaboration of over 30 diverse partners across Northern Ontario governed by a Stewardship Group of active individuals/organizations.

SEE is committed to using a community engagement strategy with a bottom-up approach through public dialogue, action research, relationship building and partnerships, and a collaborative governance model and structure (constellation model).

Within the constellation model of collaboration, SEE works to promote community change and innovation and address cultural, linguistic and geographical barriers, like those that exist in Northern Ontario.

The 3-year collaborative will work alongside regional partners to:

  • Support innovative youth and their communities interested in making social, environmental and economic change with social entrepreneurship;
  • Connect youth, mentors, funders, services providers and other resources from across the region to establish a sustainable infrastructure of social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Why We’re Here

Northern Ontario’s resource based economy is undergoing significant changes due to global restructuring resulting in social and economic destabilization. Currently, 16 per cent of young people in the region are unemployed. Youth out-migration continues to be an issue for smaller remote communities and the demographics have shifted to a higher Indigenous youth population.

Social entrepreneurship is a natural draw for innovative youth who are looking for a creative way to earn a living while also making positive change in their communities. It is a way to reduce dependency on traditional sources of funding, empower organizations to finance their sustainability and encourage innovation.

Our Theory of Change

Here is SEE’s Theory of Change (pdf).

SEE - Theory of Change