Ontario Nonprofit Network

This is the acronym version of Ontario Nonprofit Network logo.

The Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN) was organized in May 2007. Since that time, sector support for the nonprofit network has continued to grow and ONN has emerged as a nonpartisan convener of sector voices, communication broker and coordinator for nonprofits in Ontario. ONN has increased collaborations with government, foundations and segments of the for-profit sector to support its mandate.

ONN’s current network exceeds 7,000, with an estimated reach of 42,000 individuals who are committed to the sector in Ontario. Within the last year alone, the network has grown by more than 50%, which is a strong indication of interest, credibility and commitment to ONN’s work with and for the nonprofit sector.

The ONN played an important role in the development of the Government of Ontario’s Partnership Project Report. It submitted various sector-driven papers and participated in the launch of the Partnership Project Office. ONN continues to work effectively with the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration to advance the Report’s recommendations.

Other concrete examples of ONN’s collaborative efforts with the Government of Ontario include:

  • Continued work with Infrastructure Ontario (IO) to disseminate knowledge to the sector on the IO Loan program (eligibility requirements, criteria, loan terms and conditions) and how it may benefit nonprofit organizations’ capital needs;

  • Ensuring the implementation and reporting of reforms through the Open for Business process, which includes:

    • Creation of the ONN Nonprofit Registry for Public Benefit Lands, working with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Infrastructure Ontario, to ensure that surplus government lands remain in the public domain for purchase by not-for-profit organizations at fair market rates;

    • Making it easier for organizations to understand police records checks procedures when screening staff and volunteers.

  • Ongoing advisory support to the Ministry of Consumer Services on the new Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (Bill 65), and dissemination of clear language information on the Act to the sector.

In addition to engaging the provincial government, the ONN works collaboratively with the sector partners to promote greater understanding of the nonprofit sector’s role in communities, and on specific sector-wide topics such as social enterprise, strengthening sector capacity, and labour force issues. More about ONN’s activities can be found on our website: www.theonn.ca.