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What is Social Enterprise and who can call themselves a Social Entrepreneur? There are many different interpretations of what a social enterprise is, and how people within the community define it and themselves. During the month of September the SEontario Question of the Month was about precisely that, “How do you define Social Enterprise? How do people in Social Enterprise define themselves?”. The question was posed by twitter user @rons1212.

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September 2014 Question of the Month:

How do you define Social Enterprise? How do people in #SocEnt define themselves? @rons1212


for me depends on the local economic ecosystem. We cannot impose SE without this consideration. I train SE for @ilo @ElaPlaat


Social Enterprise is a biz initiative to bring some change&to look beyond profits @buddhatreemag


SEontario defines a Social Enterprise as: organizations that produce goods and services for the market economy and that manage their operations and redirect their surpluses to achieve social and environmental goals. Social enterprise activity gives public benefit organizations an alternate source of funds to better fulfill their mandates. It is a way for the nonprofit sector to be more sustainable and continue to act as a solutions provider for communities across Ontario.


“Social entrepreneurship is where the heart of Gandhi meets the mind of Henry Ford.” — @kylewestaway (shared by @GoodBerger)


Sustainable for profit enterprises with both social and financial impact on community + marketplace & customers. — @MuthuriKinyamu


October 2014 Question of the Month:

Once a grant has been spent, how can a #SocEnt continue to best move forward, grow and continue momentum? @PractikaLearn


By increasing revenue through marketplace activity – we can help#buysocial BuySocent


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