Nonprofit Driven Early Bird Pricing Ends July 31st

Conference 2015 – October 20 – 21

“Nonprofit Driven” for the only province-wide event for all nonprofits and charities in Ontario. Over 450 leaders like you will be coming in from across the province to connect, find out the latest public policy work for the nonprofit sector, join in discussions and network. Join us and drive positive change in Ontario communities!

Organized around three streams- Horizons, Strategies, and Tactics– sessions will cover big picture thinking, new report releases, discussions on sector strategies, and skills-building tools and resources to put into practice. Get inspired by keynote speaker Rick Cohen from Nonprofit Quarterly, the U.S.’s premier journal of nonprofit policy and practice.

Early bird pricing ends July 31: #onn2015

The Conference will also feature the session: 1,076,395 km2: An Ecosystem Approach to Rural Social Enterprise Development. Find out what ONN has learned over the past 4 years working with partners to test approaches for enabling social enterprise across Ontario- including policy recommendations based on work with over 200 rural nonprofits, regional partners and in-depth case studies. Consider the nuances of rural perspectives on nonprofit earned income, and the implications for provincial policy and program work in the next few years. Nonprofits and governments alike have roles to play in enabling this ecosystem.

More about the two day event:

Oct. 20 Pre-Conference:Building Foundations” will provide the big picture of ONN’s current policy and advocacy work and give you a chance to actively engage in the fundamental skills and concepts on which ONN is built: policy, leadership and action. This is a chance for newcomers to learn more about ONN’s work, and for leaders already working with ONN to get updates on what’s happening across the network, beyond their area of focus. This will be a more intimate gathering, so spots are limited.

Oct. 21 Conference: “Seizing Opportunities” will focus the nonprofit sector’s collective energy on the province-wide topics that are affecting nonprofit work right now – and we’ll look at what’s on the horizon. What’s happening in communities, in government and in the labour market that’s affecting Ontario nonprofits and charities? We’ll open up conversations on current tactics and strategies to strengthen the sector and advance policy efforts to help nonprofits get their work done.

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