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Rural and northern areas across Ontario face unique challenges when it comes to harnessing economic development, funding and resources. Community builders outside city centres still face barriers to accessing the supports they need to increase SE skills training and capacity development. We know that policy and practice leading to rural prosperity needs to be rooted in rural and northern contexts and perspectives. Yet the distinct voices and innovative stories of rural nonprofit resilience and social enterprise are often eclipsed by the interests of those more familiar with the urban landscape.
This has been the rationale for projects such as the Rural Social Enterprise Constellation (RSEC) and the reason for this rural space on The portal directly links to all rural content on the site, particularly case studies and research created through the RSEC Trillium funded project and the RSEC New Directions Research Grant. Social enterprise plays a key role in supporting communities in Ontario. This portal shares some of what we know about how social enterprise is thriving in rural and northern Ontario.


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